A New Generation of Green – Welcome

Here at H3O we are always trying to keep up with the most current innovations in the irrigation community. New technologies are being used to promote greener watering systems and in help American families save a little more at the



Rain Water in Your Pool

Rain, we need it badly and then we wish it would go away. Pool owners we feel your pain. The flash floods that occurred earlier this month here in Texas have left some pools looking a bit like a swampy



Is Drip Irrigation Right for Me? Part 6

We have reached the conclusion to our mini series on drip irrigation systems and we hope you have been able to take something away that you may not have known. I’m sure over the last five weeks a question has



How Does Drip Irrigation Save Money? Part 5

Drip irrigation has a very special place in all of our hearts, not only because it is efficient, but also because a drip irrigation system can save A LOT of money on your water bill! The United States and our



How Drip Irrigation is Installed for Commercial and Residential Properties? Part 4

Last week recap: Drip irrigation can go anywhere and in any shape. Big or small H30 can manipulate a drip irrigation system to fit your special needs in your commercial or residential property. Here at H30 we have a reputation



Where Should You Use Drip Irrigation? Part 3

Last time we talked about why we should be using the drip irrigation system and the advantages it brings once installed. Today we are going to discuss where we should place the irrigation system. At the end of last weeks


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By Tony Moore