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10 Common Signs Of Swimming Pool Leakage To Identify

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Summers are almost round the corner and it is guaranteed that you already have a long list of guests and friends to come over to your place to beat the summer heat if you’re an owner of an extravagant property with a more exquisite swimming pool. Truly there’s nothing more enthralling affair than chilling and relaxing with your friends, beating the heat and spending the time in the pool making merry and having fun.

However, there are various aspects to take care of being a swimming pool owner, which, if ignored can lead to major issues and you may need to go through much hassle and spend a high amount in getting those issues fixed in time.

Water loss is a common problem, which generally happens due to evaporation and almost 1/4th inch of water gets evaporated on a daily basis. However, the real problem of water loss takes place much before you realize, and if you spare no time to pay attention to the common signs of swimming pool leaks, then you would end up having a non-functional swimming pool and cancelling all the plans for the summer. It is imperative to consult the experts of a reliable and experienced swimming pool leak detection and maintenance company like H3O Water Systems in San Antonio if you observe the common signs of a leaking swimming pool.


10 Common Signs Of Swimming Pool Leakage That You Must Notice

Severe Fall in Pool Water Level

As it has been already mentioned above that 1/4th inch of water gets evaporated daily when the temperature is relatively hot and humid. However, if you observe that there is a severe fall in the level of water even after refilling the swimming pool up to the required line, then this is certainly an indication that apart from evaporation, your swimming pool is losing water due to leakages in the pipeline.

Cracks in tiles

The water of every swimming pool appears more pristine and sparkling mainly because of the usage of eye-soothing and polished tiles, but with relentless leakage of water, cracks start appearing and the tiles get loose from the cement bonding with the bottom-most surface of the pool. This is another alarming water leakage signal that you need to be extremely cautious about if you do not want to miss out all the summer excitements.

Discolouration of Water

In spite of routine checking of the pH level of the water if you still notice that there is a significant discolouration of the pool water, then be sure that this is an alarming sign of water leakage. Due to the excessive growth of algae, more water loss can take place even without your anticipation, and the swimming pool water chemistry gets imbalanced when untreated water is added to the pool.

Increasing chemical composition

To help maintain your swimming pool water in an effective way it is very important to use necessary chemicals in the water as prescribed by either by your swimming pool builder or any reliable swimming pool leak detection providers like H3O. However, if you notice that you are compelled to add more chemicals to the pool water than your usual measured amount, then be sure that it is one of the most common pool leakage signs. As water leaks out, it is also taking out the chemicals and you end up adding more chemicals and spending a hefty amount on your pool maintenance.

Mushy Spots or Wet Patches

Swimming and relaxing in your private oasis after an exhausting day is something which a few lucky people can afford, and if you’re one of them then it is extremely crucial for you to take good care of the prized possession. If you notice patches, mushy spots or uneven and random growth of weed or grass around your swimming pool, then you must take that as an indication of water leakage from the underground pump line. In such a condition, you must avail reliable pool leak detection service for immediate prevention of the water leakage issue.

Water marks on pool equipment

Look out for water stagnation marks or find circles on pool equipment which are supposed to remain below the water level, if it isn’t so, then it indicates that the water level has gone down and the only cause behind it is water leakage from the swimming pool.

Rust formation

If you notice an excessive formation of rust or the pool equipment getting corroded over time, then it is a clear indication that the pool is leaking water.

Noticing Gurgling Sound

One of the most common swimming pool water leakage signs is noticing or identifying any strange gurgling sound, which precisely signals that there is something defective in your pool which you need to fix by consulting a reliable pool leak detection agency in San Antonio if you’re residing in and around the place.

Settling of the pool into the ground

Due to excessive water leakage over a long period of time, small and big gaps appear in the bond beam and that leads to settling of the swimming pool into the ground.

Presence of Soggy Soil

Be extra cautious about the presence of soggy and damp soil around the underground pump line, which may lead to swimming pool water leakage if you don’t bother to do a scheduled checking of the soil area.


The Solution in the Conclusion:

All the points mentioned above are generally the most common and intimidating signs of pool water leakage. If you’ve been noticing any such signs of water leaking out of your pool, then without delaying further get in touch with H3O Water Systems, the most reputed and proficient swimming pool leak detection company in San Antonio and bring an end to water leakage issues with comprehensive solution.

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