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A New Generation of Green – Welcome

Here at H3O we are always trying to keep up with the most current innovations in the irrigation community. New technologies are being used to promote greener watering systems and in help American families save a little more at the watering hole.

For the next four weeks our team is going to give an in-depth look at some groundbreaking drip irrigation system that we are very excited about. We will have four topics that we hope will give you a better understanding of what KISSS and other drip irrigation products have to offer and how this new irrigation technology can regulate your water consumption and help save you money.

The topics are:

What is a Drip Irrigation system?
Why and where should you use Drip Irrigation?
How Drip Irrigation is installed for commercial and residential clients?
How will Drip Irrigation reduce Costs & Save water?

The national weather station is predicting that North America is headed into another ten years of rough droughts and with that will come harsh water restrictions. Currently cities are looking into finding ways to eliminate standard spray irrigations systems. With these restrictions comes a public outcry and often you see the news stations catching residents watering their driveways or the roads while the city is supposed to be trying to retain as much water as possible. This month we will be shedding some light on what subsurface drip irrigation systems can do to overcome these issues and achieve the most effective way of watering landscapes and preserving the water table.

This technology has made is possible for business and homeowners to create custom landscapes and keep them looking healthy all year and during some of the driest times. With having a system that is virtually invisible and that can be run anytime of day, we here at H3O believe that Drip Irrigation Systems are a greener way of irrigating your landscapes and reducing your maintenance and water costs. Please join us every week to explore the possibilities of greener irrigation technologies.

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