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Is your poolside Cadillac not cleaning up the green film off the bottom of your pool? Do you remember the last time your automatic pool cleaner was serviced or adjusted?  Is it time for your pool cleaner to be tuned-up or time to replace the hose?

Automatic cleaners are extremely important to the maintenance of your pool. When the weather changes and green slime starts to creep up, a disaster is in the air! When your cleaner stops working all the fun stops and summertime becomes dreadful. Many times clients get frustrated and want to kick the old Cadillac to the curb when it starts to backfire or spit back what it has just cleaned. Sometimes replacing the product is what you need to do, but you may be able to keep the classic pool cleaner.  There are a few symptoms to look for when trying to figure out if your automatic cleaner has stopped working or needs to get a summertime tune-up.  Before you chunk it double check for these four common problems.

  • Is your automatic cleaning moving slowly?
  • Is there green slime growing in areas that the cleaner has tried to clean?
  • Is the machine moving too fast?
  • Is your cleaner stopping halfway through the pool?
  • Is your cleaner getting stuck on the steps?
  • Is your cleaner getting tangled up with itself?

All of these symptoms can cause your automatic cleaner to stop maintaining your pool and can cause a big headache for you and your guests. If you are experiencing these issues we suggest giving us a call and have one of our techs give your automatic cleaner a jolt of life before you put it in the trash.

A quick tune-up is all you might need to keep your Cadillac cleaning your pool.