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Hot Tubs and Cool Spas

It’s 90 degrees the sun is beating down on the back yard and all you have is a covered up spa on the deck. Hot tubs are all over the world and in many backyards. And not matter the temperature people will always be in and out of them all year around. Hot tubs are relaxing and the push of hot water through the jets can calm the body and take your relaxation to new levels; they can also provide you with a chilling experience as it soothes your body with a rush a cold waves.

Spas are heated by a digital or analog heater and can be adjusted to the temperature that best fits you or your guests. Spas typically range between 85-103 degrees throughout the year. Hot water in the wintertime feels amazing to the body, and the flip to that is just as refreshing. Cold water in the heat of summer equals calm and relaxing.

Why waste your hot tub in the heat, you have a few options to turn down the heat and make your spa a chilling oasis. Turn the heater down to 70 degrees and let the spa naturally cool itself or turn the heater off while running the jets. The movement of water through the pipes will flush out any hot water and will eventually cool the

We all love to dip into the cool water of a pool and wash the summer heat away, by keeping your spa covered or always hot in the summer you could potentially be wasting your investment and not using it to its fullest.

Before shutting your spas heating unit off and pushing air through the plumbing give H3O a call. Our technicians are certified to get your pool and spa ready for the hot weather with cooler water. Let us cool down your spa the right way, call us today!

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