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How Does Drip Irrigation Save Money? Part 5

Drip irrigation has a very special place in all of our hearts, not only because it is efficient, but also because a drip irrigation system can save A LOT of money on your water bill!

The United States and our sister country Canada have had extensive studies completed about out usage of water and the impact it has had on our wallets and our environment. According to the latest studies, the average American and Canadian homes use roughly 350-500 gallons of water per day. When the math is done that is between 140-175,000 gallons a year, putting the US and Canada ranked at number one for must water consumption in the WORLD. Our water is precious and here and H30 we understand the impact of this number, and stand behind the tips and benefits of a drip irrigation system.

Most people use overhead sprinkler systems or hand hoses, wasting twice as much water than needed for their gardens and yards. Today in my house our bill showed that we used roughly 190 gallons of water inside and almost 300 gallons outside. Those 300 gallons on my yard and tomatoes plants could be cut in half if my landlord would install a drip irrigation system.

The savings are all in the investment. If you look at your water bill and read the GPM (gallon per month) chart and then look at the rate per gallon, divide the gallons per month buy how much you are spending, you will see a rough estimate of what you are spending daily. Imagine that number split into half. That is the number that you could be spending with a drip irrigation systems. I would give straight figures but all watering systems are different and my bill will be different from yours, but I can tell you that my bill would decrease $150.00. The investment is the biggest leap of faith. A drip irrigation system can be installed for anywhere between $400.00 and up, all dependent on style, times, and emitters.

Our drip irrigation customers have reported having their systems for nearly 10 years before having to replace parts. Having a system that could run for 10 years without parts being ordered or heads being replaced will quickly pay for itself with the money saved at your monthly statement.

Along with savings in your wallet, you are also adding resources to our next generation by saving fresh water for generations to come. Give us a call today and let us help you help our future.

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