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Walls / Fences

We Install Retaining Walls and Fencing!

Are you in need of a wall or fence? Looking to spruce up your yard? Maybe build a retaining wall? Is your fence starting to lean over? Well look no further H3O is your one stop shop for all of your Fencing and Retaining Wall needs. Call today to schedule an assessment of your property and receive a free quote.

Wooden fences are some of the oldest and most useful product lines in all of the fencing industry. Most wooded fences are constructed at the job site starting from the ground and going up. By doing this type of installation it allows for a greater possibility of terrain navigation, allows us to work through the most challenging of landscapes and the ability to provide the most amazing wood fence installation results. You can also choose to purchase pre-built wood fencing panels, but these are usually constructed with much lesser quality materials, often times are built poorly, and there is not very much flexibility provided during installation.

There are many styles of wooden fencing to choose from, classic picket fences, privacy fences, we even install wrought iron and hog wire fences, here at H3O we install any fence requested. H3O has been servicing Texas and the Greater San Antonio area with attention to detail and quality.

Retaining Wall
H3O can install and design retaining walls. We will perform any commercial job, or residential job regardless of the size. Whether it is for a school, an apartment complex, your business headquarters or even for a residential home, H3O can handle the job. We have many years of experience constructing retaining walls from; modular block, mortared/dry stack limestone, gabion baskets, boulders, railroad ties, among others.

Strong, durable, easy to install, H3O has a versatile selection of retaining wall blocks that will compliment your home or business landscaping, your patio, and your mailbox.


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    Fences / Walls Services

    To fit the many needs of our residential and commercial clients, we offer a variety of fencing solutions to compliment your home or business.


    Why H3O Water Systems is your Best Wall/Fences installers in San Antonio TX?

    Our team at H3O offers year of experience in building fences and retaining walls so we can handle any project. Don’t go another day with a fence that is starting to lean. Improve your home or business with a new wall & retaining fences! Contact us to schedule an assessment of your property today.

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