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Pool Health

Summer is in full swing and the pools are getting more use then ever. Families are looking for tips on how to keep their pool clean. Pool sanitation is always on our minds here at H3O, and when the heat takes over and people cram into pools the real truth begins to unravel.

Pools on the surface look amazing and inviting, but under the water they may possible some uninviting critters and germs just waiting to attach themselves to your skin. Your pools health is a concern for us and should be one of yours too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported numerous times that pools are unhealthy and that it is more common then not, forcing many public pools to close due to health codes not being met.

These issues come from the imbalance of chlorine and pH levels in your pool or spas. When these levels get out of sync many illnesses can occur. Most common is ear infections. Water gets in your ears from jumping, diving or splashing water. Most of us are unaware because its water, and do not expect our pools to cause such an illness.

Pools need to be continuously balanced according to the size of your pool or spa. If your pool or spa is looking cloudy and uninviting for you and your guests, please call H30’s professional technicians and let us help you maintain proper pH levels and a healthy summer by the pool.

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