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Pool Party Extravaganza!

School is almost out and that means it is time for sunscreen and pool parties!

Pools have officially opened and summer splashing is in full swing. H3O is a family company and we understand how important it is to throw the best pool party you can imagine. So today we have created the perfect Pool Party Extravaganza tips to help make your pool party a success!

    Pool safety is the number one concern here at H3O and we emphasize the importance of making pool rules very clear. These rules and precautions are set up to help prevent any accidents or serious injury to you or your guests. Since the Texas heat is so rough be sure to always have plenty of water stocked up, shaded areas to cool off, and enough sunscreen for everyone-as some guests may forget. A first aid kit with Band-Aids and first aid crème is always a plus.
    Some of your guests may neglect to bring a towel or shorts and even sunscreen, try and keep some of these items around for those who forget or show up last minute. The sun can be brutal so lots of sunscreen is great to have on hand.
    Pool toys are the best things to have to keep guests entertained. Be sure to have noodles, paddleboards, squirt guns, and those little dive sticks around for your guest to enjoy hours of fun in the pool. Be sure to set rules for the noodles so guests do not get hurt.
    Every great party has a great theme. Remember to gauge your guests and pick an age-appropriate theme. Have decorations, themed-based party snacks, fun beverages, and a fantastic-themed dinner! Themes always keep people talking about your pool party for days, so use your imagination and have fun.

Your pool’s safety is our biggest concern. Before you begin to you’re your perfect pool party please give us a call and speak to one of our certified professionals about any pool concerns you may have. Whether it be a crack in the granite, a leaking valve, or missing tile H3O is here to help you put your pool party extravaganza on the “must do again this summer” map!