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Rain Water in Your Pool

Rain, we need it badly and then we wish it would go away. Pool owners we feel your pain. The flash floods that occurred earlier this month here in Texas have left some pools looking a bit like a swampy marshland but fortunately we can offer a solution.

Rain causes many changes to the waters chemistry. The biggest issues are the way the water makes your skin feel after a swim and of course how safe it is to even swim in your pool after a rain. Although some issues can take weeks to present themselves, after a good rain your waters balance is beginning to change.

When your pH and TA change you pool quickly becomes unsanitary and can cause irritation to your eyes and allergies as well as your skin. We want to address this issue this week since Mother Nature has brought us some much needed rain and possibly caused you some irritation.

Almost as soon as the rain falls and hits your pool the pH begins to rise while rapidly bringing down the TA. For those who may not know, pH is the Potential Hydrogen in your water and TA is the Total Alkalinity in the water, both are natural and both can be stabilized with proper pool treatments. As the pH climbs the chlorine content in the water become sleepy or inactive causing it to be less effective per gallon of water in your pool. Rainwater is a blessing but to your pool it is a burden that if left neglected can cause your pool to become destabilized and your skin irritated.

When chlorine is added to your pool it is meant to be a super hero to the water. Chlorine’s main objective is to kill germs! While this super hero chemical is trying to do its job, when the pH goes up the super hero’s powers declines. Low pH=Strong Chlorine!

Hopefully Mother Nature isn’t too mean and the chlorine can continue to keep the pool safe and clean, but if any discomfort arises we know that the pH isn’t between 7.2 and 7.8. Those numbers are a safe range for swimmers comfort both on the skin and the eyes, if it dips below or is above 7.8 the chlorine isn’t effectively doing its job. To keep our pool safe after a rain, always check our pH and TA levels before a swim.

When the germs fall from the sky and muddy up the pool, give us a call and we will get your water safe to swim in for you and your family!

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