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Residential Irrigation Systems vs. Commercial Irrigation Systems

In the end the results come out the same, but there are a few differences between commercial and residential systems. Systems that are installed for a single-family home are referred to as residential. Apartments, schools and businesses have systems that are designed to water larger areas are known as Commercial systems.

The biggest differences when it comes to residential and commercial irrigation systems, is the zone sizes. For larger properties that are being designed for a commercial irrigation system you will need to have a much larger source of water. You may need to have a larger pump and well installed before installing a commercial system. The more source volume behind the sprinkler heads allows more water to be released, giving you more area to install larger zones. With a larger pump and well you will enjoy the benefit of less maintenance and more coverage from your irrigation system and will be beneficial in the long run.

As mentioned earlier there are a few big differences between the two types of systems. Materials are a big factor when designing your custom commercial irrigation system. Some of the major components are the timer and heads. Commercial systems are in nature larger and the rotors give off more coverage then most residential systems.

When valves and sprinkler heads are larger, larger pipes are needed to carry the water properly throughout the lines, thankfully not all commercial systems are built with excessively large fixtures and can be built to suit your landscaping needs.

Rule of thumb is that when designing your sprinkler systems remember that everything needs to start with the water source. If the water pressure and volume is wrong you may have a problem right from the start. If you or your company are looking for a new custom irrigation system, help with re-designing an existing system, or question on what type of system to install, give us a call and we will help create your perfect system!

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