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Facing problems with your lawn or garden irrigation system?

Our services in irrigation and sprinkler systems in Schertz, TX speak for themselves! We help you to optimize the crucial water management of your outdoor foliage. We offer a whole range of services to take care of every challenge of irrigation and provide solutions that fit perfectly! We offer:

  • Cost-Effective Plans
  • Water Efficiency Plans

With us, you will receive brilliant solutions for your exact needs. Whether you are looking for new sprinkler installations or the upkeep of the existing ones, depend on our experts to provide you with customized solutions. For starters, you can benefit from our regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection services to keep your sprinkler system and drip irrigation in top shape. We have devised a 42-point walk-through that analyses everything.

We offer comprehensive coverage to ensure that everything is running smoothly and detect the difficulties spot on, for timely repairs and maintenance. Remember, we do not make the decisions regarding repairs and replacements, you do! Therefore, we will just make appropriate suggestions and we’ll wait for your approval to move forward. In order to make the decision easy, we offer real-time estimates for our proposed job requirements.

When it comes to repairs and servicing, H3O Water Systems are available for any size of sprinkler and most of the well-known and even lesser known brands. As a result, you can communicate with us anytime you want to make the most of the solutions that we have to offer. Furthermore, all the repair work related to sprinkler systems in Schertz, Texas that we provide is warranted to your satisfaction!

Eco-friendly solutions with emphasis on water conservation are always our aim. We employ a strong stream of technicians who understand the ins and outs related to installations and designs of sprinklers or drip irrigation irrespective of application. Do you already have a sprinkler system installed in your garden? Do not fret, because our experts are capable of retrofitting drip irrigation and providing the needed upgrades to install this water conservation methodology successfully.

Do you know that the versatility of drip irrigation is much more than the sprinklers? This makes them quite popular in the modern-day gardens and lawns. Unlike sprinklers, you can install them under grass, in flower or nursery beds without any restrictions. Naturally, now you can fulfill your dream of developing a beautiful yard, even when the summer drought hits the water supply. Other services that we offer include the following:

  • FREE estimate & consultation for drip irrigation
  • System design for drip irrigation & sprinklers
  • Rerouting of existing systems for patio or pool addition
  • Repair & servicing related to all brands
  • Annual testing of backflow-preventing devices
  • Upgrades & updates as & when required

Feel free to call us at 210-404-9939 to learn more today!

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