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Smart Control Systems

Smarter is a better Control System

With all of our water restrictions and the lack of water for all of the lawns in South Texas we know how important it is to have a conservative irrigation systems, and is the most important thing to keep your lawn healthy.

Irrigation system users have always had a great advantage to having a healthier looking lawn, and may be able to upgrade their system for a new smart controller system. Some of the newer components have been created for quick add-on to current systems. New smart features are designed to calibrate for soil, sun, wind and the direction and slope of your landscape. These new-featured smart controllers are specially calculated for every zone of your irrigation system to help maintain your beautiful healthy landscape.

The world as we have come to know it is moving towards everything being “smart” and that smart world is moving over into irrigation and personal sprinkler systems. The new smart control systems are able to monitor the weather; personal soil; the usage of water on your lawn and plant. These new systems can also regulate watering schedules i.e. regulating watering times, amount of water and can shut off automatically, giving the most effective amount of water to specific zones.

Imputing a few basic specifics regulates the smart control systems. By adding your zip code, the days you are allowed to water and the types of soil you have in your landscaped zone into the smart control system and everything becomes a breeze. The system is so simple and creates an easier managing system while saving plenty of water.

Experts agree that if a lawn is healthy and well maintained it can add 9-13 percent to the homes value, and like this innovative smart system your healthy lawn will add value and save money and time.

To maintain healthy lawns, up-date a current system or learn more about smart controller systems please call our qualified professional irrigations team here at H3O and let us reshape your life and lawn the smart way!

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