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Are you on the lookout to build an exquisite swimming pool in your backyard and make your childhood dream come true? Having a magnificent swimming pool will not only add to the beauty of your property but will certainly enhance your overall property value. However, before taking a plunge into the pool and spending your weekends relaxing poolside, it is imperative to take some key factors into account, the first and foremost among them is to get hold of a competent and reliable swimming pool builder. To ensure the entire pool building process takes place hassle-free and you get what you want in the end, you should hire a custom swimming pool building specialist like H3O Water Systems, which is also an A+ rated company with the BBB and Angie’s List.

Finding a suitable swimming pool builder in San Antonio, Texas makes all the other decisions easier, gives you enough peace of mind, and increases the possibility of making the project successful.

Top 10 Key Factors To Consider Before Swimming Pool Installation

  • Experience &  Basic Business Information

Hiring a trustworthy and experienced swimming pool contractor should be the first priority if you wish to build a captivating swimming pool in your backyard. Before investing, one of the first things that you must do is to determine if the swimming pool building and designing company is insured and licensed. It is very crucial to ask the company representative for proof and gain comprehensive knowledge about the company’s experience in providing swimming pool service to homeowners in San Antonio. A company with a creative and experienced team can successfully build and complete your dream project on time.

  • Check for overhead wires and utility cables running under your area

To ensure safety and security, it is advisable to check for overhead wires, electrical cables, and other utilities running under the area you are planning to build the swimming pool. You must give a thorough check of the plans for your home, which should give a clear picture of the utility lines running beneath your property. Also, you need to make sure whether there is any drain or leach field underneath your home area. The below-running cables need to reroute before the swimming pool installation.

  • Build your pool keeping at least 100 ft distance from any water body

If you are residing close to a river, lake, or sea, then to avoid the possibility of the water table getting too high for your backyard swimming pool, you need to make sure that the proposed area for swimming pool installation is at least 100ft away from the nearby water body.

  • Make sure to mark any easements on your property

Check with your country and city records offices, or directly call up the utility companies to become aware of any easements on your residential property. Swimming pool installation is not allowed on any easements on your property. Hence, gaining a comprehensive idea about the same would help you to select the proposed area and initiate the swimming pool installation process hassle-free.

  • Finding setback requirements is a must

You must ensure that there is enough space between your swimming pool and the edges of your residential property. It is extremely important to check before asking for any design plans from your swimming pool builder or contractor, whom you have hired for swimming pool installation, designing and overall construction, as setback requirements can make a difference in the size of the swimming pool that you are allowed to have.

  • Ensure entry of heavy equipment in your backyard

One of the crucial factors before installing or building a swimming pool in your backyard is to ensure that there are enough spaces for the swimming pool building equipment to enter without hassle in your backyard. Otherwise, you may require dismantling a portion of a fence or wall for this and rebuilding after the completion of the swimming pool. If you do not wish to do that, then it would take a longer time for your swimming pool contractor to build and complete the backyard pool.

  • Investing in Pool covers and Fencing

It is imperative to invest in poolside fencing and pool covers, as it will certainly keep your family members, close ones, pets, and neighborhood people safe from getting drowned in the pool. You should not overlook this factor, as it ensures safety and security.

  • Read the Previous Clients’ Review Thoroughly

You must give the online reviews from past clients a good read to understand the competency of your swimming pool builder, before availing swimming pool services from them. You must also thoroughly check the star ratings and the response of the company to the negative reviews of the clients. You will get a complete and transparent idea and will become easier for you to choose whom to hire for the swimming pool installation in your backyard.

  • Pool Designing & Planning

According to your need and taste, you should make the design and planning of your backyard swimming pool, that perfectly complements your property and enhances the overall value of it. Entices and mesmerizes each and every guest that visits your home during a party or casual get-together event. At H3O Water Systems, you will get highly experienced designers, who will take note of exactly what you want, the surrounding architecture, and your own personal décor preferences to create a design masterpiece perfect for your home or commercial property.

  • Pricing & Quality

Swimming pool installation is an expensive affair and hence, you should hire a professional swimming pool builder to ensure that your swimming pool building, designing, and overall requirements are perfectly met on time and also within the budget. Contact H3O Water Systems, the best swimming pool contractors in San Antonio to avail cost-effective and comprehensive swimming pool solutions and be proud of your possession.


To make your dream of owning an elegant and grand swimming pool in your backyard come true, there are notable key factors that you should give utmost importance to ensure you spend less and get more, and also experience something unique and classy, and have the ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind. Get in touch with H3O Water Systems to make sure that you get to avail the best quality swimming pool construction service in San Antonio at the most budget-friendly price.