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Want the Best Lawn on the Block?

As we have seen in the last month and a half, South Texas has had some extremely hot days with very little rainfall. Here’s a few hints on how you can keep your lawn looking its best when the weather isn’t helping at all.

  • Check your lawn for diseases and insects. Dead grass or discoloration
  • Keep the length of your grass a bit longer than you normally would. When it’s hot and not raining, you never want to cut it short.
  • Treat your lawn with pre-emergent weed killer. And don’t forget to water it in heavily.
  • Fertilize your lawn using a slow-release fertilizer. Be sure to not over fertilize. Read the directions for proper lawn care and again, don’t forget to water it in heavily.
  • Test your soil for proper nutrient uptake and balance. Soil kits can be purchased at local home/garden hardware store
  • Check shrubs and woody plants for pruning.
  • Watch for brown spots. Spots can be from lack of water or could be from a disease. Grass that is diseased can start small and in our hot climate can grow fast and over take your yard if not properly taken care of.

The best time to water is in the early morning before the sun is about to come up. Watering early in the morning give time for the lawn to soak in the water without the sun drying it up. Watering at night can cause fungus to grow and can be more harmful then helpful to your lawn.

And of course, having the sprinkler system is what truly gives your lawn life and a properly installed sprinkler system will save you money for years to come.  If you want your lawn to be the best on the block, go ahead and give us a call today and one of our licensed irrigation specialist can help!

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