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What is Drip Irrigation? – Part 1

Irrigation is a tale as old as time. Historically, drip irrigation systems were once prehistoric clay pots filled with water and sunk deep within the earth’s surface. Pots like this have been found all throughout the world and we have learned that they where used to water grass and crops. The water would seep from the porous clay and water the ground , as needed it.

Fast-forward a few thousand years ahead and historians find themselves in Afghanistan, where the people where doing large experiments with different types of pipe systems. The farmers started using clay as ancient people used, but instead of in pots, they formed it into pipes. These pipes would serve as two fully functioning instruments, both for drainage and for irrigations. These pipe systems became the forefront to modern piping structures and the grandfather to the technology we have in our modern irrigation systems. These forward thinkers thought outside of the box, created long pipes from clay and watered with minimal waste. Even in the early 19th century people where thinking “green”.

Drip irrigation is extremely efficient and is considered the best way to water in a “green” way. Water is released directly into the ground allowing plants to soak up the water before the heat of the sun steals the wasted water to evaporation.

Using soaker hoses work well too, however having a professional drip irrigation system installed at your residence or business complex will completely keep your investment on your landscape healthy, green and beautiful.

As we focus this month on drip irrigation systems, we promise to show you the process of one of the greatest innovations since the wheel. We will reveal ways to become a “green” irrigation specialist. Throughout the month, if you have any questions about drip irrigation systems or are looking at having one installed please don’t hesitate to call us. One of our specialists will be happy to talk you through the best option of you and your landscaping needs!

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