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Why Should You Use a Drip Irrigation System? Part 2

Last time we talked about the history of the drip irrigation system and how it came from clay pots hundreds of years ago to innovated pipes and valves that are efficient and energy saving. We have discussed many times throughout our blogs what great drip irrigation systems are and how they will make for a greener watering system. But let’s chat about why you should use drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation systems are very effective for many different reasons. Any sprinkler system can be set to have an automatic on and off regularly scheduled program to run so that you don’t have to mess with remembering to water your landscape or hassle with hoses around your yard.

A Drip irrigation system can be set up to release water and nutrients directly to roots where the water won’t be wasted. When the water is regulated through drip irrigation proper growth stimulation naturally occurs. Often we over water and waste this resource into evaporation. When a drip irrigation system is installed the efficiency is 30-60% better then any outdated sprinkler head irrigation.

Other advantages to using the drip irrigation systems include how easy the installation is. Our team can install a standard irrigation system within a day. Another is how the system will reduce pests, weeds and bacteria growth around your greenery. By watering the root your landscape will have a longer life and healthier blooms. Drip irrigation systems are very versatile and can be placed almost anywhere and in many different configurations. No yard or landscape will be denied a great drip irrigation system. Watering when and where it is needed can save your water bill and cut down on water waste.

All of these advantages are amazing, but the most amazing to us is the ability these systems have to withstand the elements that Texas offers. These systems are engineered to stand up against harmful UV rays and extreme heat conditions. Last but not least, living in South Texas we are accustomed to extremely high water bills in the summer time because of the lack of rain. The drip irrigation system will run only when needed and will soak the ground with minimal waste.

Have more questions about your own drip irrigation system? H30 has a team of expert installers ready to help you have a drip irrigation systems installed today. If you’re reading through our series and are thinking about changing your watering habits, feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Our family is exciting to share this product with you and make sure you’re getting the best irrigation services in South Texas.

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