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Pool Leak Detection

Expert Pool Leak Detection and Repair Services at H3O Water Systems

Recommended Pool Leak Detection Services in San Antonio, Tx with H3O Water Systems

Do you suspect your pool has a leak? Don’t ignore the importance of getting the leak repaired immediately, as it can lead to much higher costs in water and repairs if not taken care of. At H3O Water Systems, we have tools and technology for your swimming pool leak detection needs.

Our swimming pool leak detection methods consist of the “bucket test”, liquid dye testing, hyper sensitive sonar, underwater video camera analysis and line pressurizing.

There is no swimming pool leak detection San Antonio that we won’t be able to locate.

A leak in your pool not only wastes your hard earned money in water usage, but over time, can also result in expensive damages to your swimming pool foundation and walls, caused by water erosion.

So, before that small pool leak becomes a big problem, give us a call.


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    Professional Pool
    Leak Detection Services

    At H3O Water Systems, we follow a simple process – Using state-of-the-art tools and technology that are readily available on our swimming pool repair service trucks, we carefully inspect your swimming pool and locate any leaks.

    We mark the leak(s) and submit a proposal for the repair of the leak(s).

    Leveraging these state-of-the-art tools and technology for efficient pool leak detection, we can effectively and accurately identify the location and source of the leak in your swimming pool.

    Whether it is in the swimming pool vessel, drains, skimmers, plumbing lines, lights, or fittings, we will precisely detect and identify the leak and can permanently fix the problem.

    Not Sure if Your Pool is Leaking?

    At H3O Water Systems, we love saving our clients money so we always try and offer advice to do so:

    The Bucket Test

    This is an easy way to find out how much water you’re losing from your pool. Place a bucket inside the pool on one of the steps with a small amount of water in it. You want the level inside the bucket and outside the bucket to be the same and marked with a waterproof pen.

    After 24 hours, if there is any change, it will confirm that your swimming pool is leaking and how much is leaking. The information you will need is the total size of your swimming pool, whether the pump was running or not and if the leak stops at a certain level in the pool. This can also help in aiding the location of the leak as some leaks will only leak to a certain level in the pool. Another factor that is very important to know is if your pool is leaking with or without the pump running.

    What can I do if I have a leak and
    can’t figure it out?


    What can H3O Water Systems do for us?

    • Detecting the source: Once confirmed that your pool is leaking, we will follow another method for pool leak detections, whereby we use our advanced swimming pool leak detection equipment and skilled expertise to identify the source of the leak. H3O Water Systems uses the latest in state-of-the-art swimming pool leak detection technologies to accurately locate and identify the problem.
    • But wait, our services at H3O Water Systems do not end with just the pool leak detections. Having identified the leak accurately, we evaluate its form and offer an expert repair consultation and proposal. On your approval, our technicians will efficiently repair the leak, which will save you money in costly damage repairs down the road.
    • With our team leaders’ over 100 years of combined services in the water industry, H3O Water Systems is an expert pool leak detection and repair company in San Antonio, offering reliable services at competitive prices.