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Amenities for Public Sectors

Playgrounds, water features, fire pits and more! H3O is a company that prides itself on the ability to cater to every customer’s needs. Not only do we specialize in Pools and Irrigation systems, we also do work on playgrounds, pet parks, fire pits, and water features.

H3O provides playground equipment to many different clients for children of all ages. No matter what playground you are looking for, we will be able to design a custom playground to suit all of our customer wants and needs.

Are you ready to add a top of the line playground to your neighborhood park? All products that are provided by H3O can be designed in a variety of ways to fit your neighborhood’s needs. With H3O you can be sure that you will be getting the best equipment with the highest quality and will ensure your child’s safety.

Pet Parks
The popularity of pet parks has been ever increasing the past few years. A lot of communities are becoming more and more pet-friendly. In recent years there has been an increase in the amount of homes with at least one pet, which has led to accommodations within these communities such as pet parks. The pet park products we provide are anti-corrosive and specifically designed for your pet’s safety. If your neighborhood is looking to build a play park for your pet then contact H3O today.

Fire Pits
Fire pits are a terrific replacement for a complete fire place in your backyard. There are many different options and features for your gas fire feature. The possibilities are endless. You can choose from a custom made masonry pit, a fire feature for your pool, or even a portable fire pit table. We are also capable of converting current wood into gas burning fire pits. All fire pits installed by H3O are high quality, low maintenance, and extremely safe. Call today to receive your free fire pit installation estimate.

Water Features
H3O has a wide variety of water feature selections. We can build a custom water fountain, install a cultured stone water fall, we can even set up a swirling slide for your children. Not only does H3O specialize in pools and irrigation systems but with our team of skilled technicians, we are also able to build a Splash Pad for your community. All water features built and installed by H3O are guaranteed to be made with the highest grade of materials. If you are looking for a water feature for your yard or a Splash Pad for your neighborhood then give H3O a call today.


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    From Water Features to Pet Parks, H3O can create a variety of outdoor amenities.