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Pool Leveling

Expert Pool Leveling and Soil Injections at H3O Water Systems

Does your pool need leveling? At H3O Water systems we use the best techniques in San Antonio and surrounding areas to level your pool. We provide pool leveling services for residential, commercial and multi-family.

What are soil injections for a pool?

Soil injection uses non-toxic, water-soluble chemicals (such as potassium ions and ammonium salts) that are then injected into the ground underneath where your pool will go. This type of treatment is also used for homes and other buildings, as it works to prevent the soil’s ability to absorb water.

Soil injections

Soil Injection uses non-toxic, water-soluble chemicals (potassium salts and ammonium ions) that are injected into the ground under your building. These chemicals inhibit a soil’s ability to absorb water so that your soils do not swell up; sometimes referred to as soil stabilization.

How do you stabilize the soil foundation?

Essentially, soil stabilization is a process that turns weakened clay soil into a stronger, more stable base. The Solid Ground solution uses a hydraulic jetting method to effectively inject the soil stabilizer to the desired depth at one-foot intervals.

What can I do if I need pool leveling?

At H3O Water Systems, we follow a simple process for leveling your pool. With our team leaders’ over 100 years of combined services in the water industry, H3O Water Systems is an expert pool leveling in San Antonio, offering reliable services at competitive prices.

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