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10 Significant Pool Renovations Tips That Boost Value Of Your Residential Property

pool renovations San Antonio

Over time due to relentless exposure to scorching heat and withstanding drastic climate change, your backyard pool may develop damages and wear a fade and lustreless look. At such times it becomes increasingly important to hire professionals and execute top-notch pool renovations. H3O Water Systems has been playing an instrumental role since 2006 by providing highly customized, feature-rich and affordable pool renovations service to the clients in San Antonio.

Installation of a swimming pool adds value to a property and with smart pool renovations, one can efficiently propel the value of their home property to a notch above.


Top 10 Swimming Pool Renovations Tips


The location of your residence should be the first priority when it comes to installing and pool renovations. If you reside in South Texas, it is perfect to install and avail pool renovations in order to boost the value of your property and enchant the guests that visit your home. However, if you live on the other side of the USA that experiences colder climates throughout the year, then availing pool renovations won’t be much viable for you.

Size Matters

The value of your overall property largely depends on the size of the swimming pool in your backyard. It’s imperative to take the pool size into account if you want to sell your house and get a profitable return. No one would like to own a property with a tiny pool or an extremely large-sized pool. Hence, you should consider pool remodeling in order to create an optimum-sized pool in your backyard, that looks exquisite and also lifts the overall property value to a notch higher.

Landscaping the Pool Surroundings

Without an enchanting landscape around the pool, the backyard area may not look appealing and as well as it decreases the overall value of your house property. One of the best pool renovations tips is to landscape the pool surrounding areas with lush greenery, plants and flowers in decorative pots and planters along with installing landscaping lights to transform and enhance the overall look of the backyard and entire house.

Installing Lights In The Pool

Consider installing lights in the pool to boost the appearance and give your pool a fascinating look at night. Make sure to execute pool renovations and change the floodlights in the pool with decorative LED lights that besides being energy efficient, are also available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Installing lights properly during pool resurfacing and remodelling can certainly heighten the look and feel of your private oasis and the overall property value.

Customized Floor Resurfacing 

By hiring H3O professionals who have a combined experience of more than a century you can certainly avail top-quality pool renovation and pool resurfacing service that ensures proper customization of swimming pool floors with glossy and grippy mosaic tiles in interesting and attractive colours and textures. Doing this helps you to skyrocket your residential property value.

Installation of Water Features

Certainly a great way of pool renovation is to add striking water features in the pool. It is fairly simple to install and enhance the overall appearance of your backyard pool effectively. Consider adding a waterfall, fountain or bubblers, as it can easily bewitch your guests.

Adding Fire Pit

Swimming in your pool in the evenings can become a sheer joy for you and for your guests if you consider adding a fire pit by the pool while executing pool renovations. Besides triggering the ambience, it also increases the value of your residential property.

Pool Slides

One of the most exciting pool renovations tips is to add a pool slide which delights the children and adults equally. Splashing in the water surely engrosses every soul and heightens the fun like nothing else.

Installing Customized Deck

Creating a fully customized deck serves to be a significant flooring above the pool and surely completes and notches up the overall look of the swimming pool in your backyard.

Adding Automation System

While executing pool renovations, make sure to upgrade it by adding a comprehensive automation system that allows you to clean, cover and protect your swimming pool just by accessing your mobile device.


Hire H3O for Top-Quality Pool Renovations 

The above-mentioned pool renovations tips can certainly help you to enhance the overall value of your residential property in quick time. Consider consulting swimming pool remodelling and resurfacing experts at H3O Water Systems to install customized water features and lights and renovate your pool in an effective way to help drive great profits if you consider selling your residential property.

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