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What Are the Benefits of Soil Injections?

soil injections

All property is situated on top of soil that, ultimately, has a clay base that holds up the weight of structures, equipment, and plants, including large trees. That soil is subject to earth movement, freeze-and-thaw cycles, and other natural factors that cause it to shift and move. The effects aren’t isolated to soil, because it also affects the structures placed upon that soil. Fortunately, soil injections can help and provide you with these benefits.

Stop a Pool From Cracking

You might be among the many homeowners who have an in-ground pool to provide your family with greater recreational opportunities and stay cool on hot summer days. According to Test Hut, about 8% of U.S. homes have a pool. Virtually all in-ground pools are subject to ground forces that might cause them to crack. Even small reflecting pools with concrete basins could do the same. Injecting the soil with a special compound can prevent your pool from cracking and leaking water into the soil.

Stabilize Your Property’s Soil

Soil and the compact clay beneath it can vary greatly in type, thickness, and consistency. Soil also can settle, which creates potential problems for the structures and features built upon it. Soil injections use an organic formula that technicians inject into the clay to change its composition and make it more stable. Clay and the soil on top of it can absorb water that lubricates, loosens, and destabilizes it. The soil injections prevent clay from absorbing too much water and causing problems for your home and other structures.

Prevent Damage to Hardscaping

You might have a patio with walkways connecting it to your home and other areas on your property. Retaining walls also might be used to create more outdoor living space, control erosion, and make your property more supportive of your lifestyle. Treating the soil with injections to alter its composition with organic substances helps to prevent damage to your patios, walkways, and other hardscaping, such as retaining walls. You can reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs needed while getting a better value from your landscaping and property. Even something as solid as your home’s foundation or the driveway and parking area could benefit from more stable soil.

You can call or visit us to learn more about soil injections and the many benefits that you might get from using them to treat your property. We look forward to working with you. Let us show you the H30 difference!

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