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5 Signs You Need Pool Leak Detection Services

A pool is a beautiful amenity for the entire family. According to Test Hut, about 8% of households nationwide own a swimming pool. However, it’s essential to maintain it after the pool builders leave. One critical part of maintenance is knowing when to contact pool leak detection services. Here are five indicators to be aware of!

1. Deck Changes

Inground pools are often built with a surrounding deck, which may consist of concrete, brick, or stone. As the pool leaks, the water will slowly seep into the deck. The leak will make the concrete softer. The ground under the stone or brick may be softer, making the material shift or sink into the ground. on the other hand, concrete may develop cracks. No matter what, deck changes indicate the need for professional assistance.

2. Lower Water Level

One of the most obvious signs that you have a pool leak is a noticeable drop in the water level. You may not see the reduction in the pool, but you’ll notice that the structure needs to be topped off more than it used to. This is a surefire indication that you have a leak. Professional pool builders with experience finding leaks can help you resolve the issue before it worsens.

3. Incorrect pH Level

Pools must carefully balance water and chemicals to maintain the proper pH. When water slowly leaks out of the pool, it can feel impossible to find the right balance. You’ll find yourself constantly testing the water and adding more chemicals only to discover the pH balance is incorrect a day or two later.

4. Structural Damage

Damage to a pool’s structure provides the perfect path for water to leave the pool. Small cracks in the pool are a common source of leaks. Carefully inspect the pool to determine if you notice any cracks or dips in the structure. More severe damage may include cracked tiles, bowing, or walls that are caving in.

5. New Water

New water features or wet spots in the surrounding area are another clear indicator of a leak. Pools may develop bubbles if air gets in through a crack that also lets water out. A tiny waterfall may form if there is more severe structural damage. You may notice puddles or standing water in the yard even though it hasn’t rained recently.

Our local pool builders also offer leak detection services. We specialize in residential pools, spas, outdoor living, and more. Contact H3O Water Systems to learn more about our pool services today!

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