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4 Characteristics Any Commercial Pool Building Company Should Have

Are you looking to construct a new commercial pool? According to RubyHome, there are nearly 10.7 million swimming pools in the United States. These structures are common but require a major investment, which is why you need to choose the right pool building company for the job. The team you select needs expertise in designing and building commercial pools tailored to your vision and needs. As you evaluate potential candidates, look for these four essential characteristics.

1. Experience With Commercial Pools

Commercial pools have unique considerations compared to residential pools. Therefore, you need a pool building company that has proper experience. They should have an impressive portfolio of hotels, community centers, schools, parks, and other public pools. Choose a highly experienced pool builder who has constructed commercial pools for many years. They will understand important factors like safety, high traffic, ease of maintenance, durability, special features, and law compliance. An established company will have the right equipment and processes to construct your commercial pool efficiently.

2. Knowledge of Pool Innovations and Technology

Commercial pool building technology and design innovations are always emerging. You want a company that stays on top of the latest advances. They should be knowledgeable about things like salt chlorine generators, ultraviolet sanitation systems, variable speed pumps, and automation. A tech-savvy builder will incorporate innovations into your structure that simplify maintenance and provide convenience.

3. Custom Design Capabilities

Your commercial pool should be unique with features that appeal to your customers and community. Creativity and customization should be strengths of any pool building company you consider. They will have designers who can bring your vision to life. Look for a company that offers amenities like slides, fountains, interactive water play structures, diving boards, lighting, and sound systems. Pools for hotels, schools, and community centers may have different needs than parks or fitness centers. Choose a highly flexible team that can tailor the pool design to your needs.

4. Safety and Compliance Expertise

Safety is paramount for commercial pools. Ensure the professionals you hire will follow all state and local regulations. They should be well-versed in compliance with accessibility, equipment, signage, barriers, entrapment prevention, and other safety mandates. The company should outline its safety processes, too. Licensed pool builders with a reputation for safety make ideal partners for your commercial pool project. Always verify they have proper licensing, bonding, and insurance.

With these characteristics in mind, you’re sure to find the ideal pool building company for your commercial pool construction project. Do your due diligence to make this major investment with confidence. Reach out to H3O Water Systems today to discuss your desired pool and how we can help make it a reality!

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