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Brand Name Sprinkler Systems

Have you ever been told – “Sorry, we didn’t install the hardware. We can’t really do anything to help you fix your problem.”

When a company says they do sprinkler repairs, but wont work on your system because they did not do the initial install? Look no further then your friendly team at H3O Water Systems in San Antonio Texas. The skilled professional staff at H3O have many years of experience in all sprinkler systems brand names and are able to do repairs on all of them.

When watering your lawn under water restrictions can be a hurdle, we understand that the system repairs can be just as big of a hassle as only being able to water once or twice a week. Systems that are old, out dated, or unknown brand may need a little more attention then others to get them back in tip top shape. The attention to detail by our technicians is world class and can offer your outdated system a new face-lift and get your system water properly again.

If you are looking for sprinkler valve repairs, adding sprinkler heads, pipe repairs or control system repairs on any brand name system, our trusted team is willing to go the extra mile to repair your brand name system. If you are tired of getting the same story time and again, give us a call today and set up your consultation to get your gear back in watering mode!  Read our testimonies to see our happy clients.

Our Services

  • Outdoor Living

    H3O Water Systems provide Outdoor Structure Installation Service. We can help you build your perfect backyard.

  • Swimming Pools

    At H3O, we specialize in providing Swimming Pool Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services in San Antonio.