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How Drip Irrigation is Installed for Commercial and Residential Properties? Part 4

Last week recap: Drip irrigation can go anywhere and in any shape. Big or small H30 can manipulate a drip irrigation system to fit your special needs in your commercial or residential property.

Here at H30 we have a reputation of being honest, hardworking and reliable, which at the end of the days makes us strive to give the best information and installation on all of our products to all our clients.  We take pride in all of our irrigation installations and that is why we promise you a professional installation and service provider as long as you’re an H30 customer.

Residential drip irrigation systems can be a large project or a very small project. From flowerbeds to front and back yards our team is ready to install a irrigation system that will require low maintenance and bring ease of mind that all of your landscape will be healthy and lush.

Drip irrigation systems work in zones, just like most sprinkler head systems. When our technicians come to your place of residence or business, we will discuss your needs for watering zones. Within these zones the system will be laid on higher ground and low points. These locations are contingent on the soil your land has and the type of irrigation that will be going on. We will survey all of your watering zone options and discuss the best plan for your specific needs.

The irrigation system is made up of five parts:
Pump Unit
Control Head
Main and Submain Lines
Emitters or Drippers

These parts control the watering system from pressure and the pump down to the amount of water that is being released at the root. Remember, drip irrigation systems only water at the root zones and never lose water to above ground evaporation from the sun. This type of system is permanent and a placed below ground. If you’re not looking for a permanent solution and only seasonal solutions please discuss that with us as well. We’ll find the best solution for your watering needs.

As we grow into a more “green” country and our water conservation efforts begin to soar, drip irrigation is a great solution to keeping your lawn green while being “green.”  Drip irrigation will do all of this plus SAVE YOU MONEY! Call us today for a quote and irrigation plan!

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