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New Irrigation Systems

Most yards in Southern Texas have some type of watering system, most of them are inefficient and put out a lot more water then what the lawn is able to use. Unfortunately irrigation systems aren’t used as much as our common household hardware and are known to be susceptible to leaking. We have a few helpful hints to get your system working correctly and hopefully save a few dollars on your water bill. The first thing is to always thoroughly go over your water billing information and begin tracking your water usage. If you want to track more then the last two months you can call the water supply company and ask for an extended water usage history. Remember that your bill is conditional on the weather. Secondly a great way to track your usage is to add an irrigation system flow meter. These aren’t just handy for tracking the usage of water but are also helpful in determining if your system is leaking. The third option in checking for a leak in your system is to turn it on and check each head for leakage or lack of water pressure. Be aware that your leak may also be under ground, and those leaks are best spotted by wet areas of your landscape that do not have sprinkler heads. 
Other common problems are broken sprinkler heads that shoot water straight up or spray in odd patterns. Some may see pressure leaks that are caused when the system is pressurized and are commonly called pinhole leaks.

When your family or business are looking to install a new sprinkler system there is a variety of irrigation products to choose from:

Fixed and Adjustable Spray Heads: These in ground pop-up sprinklers are great for smaller grass areas, and landscaped beds.

Rotor Spray Heads: These in ground pop-up rotors are best when used on medium to large sized grass areas.

Above Ground Drip Irrigation: Drip Irrigation is the most water conservative method of water your landscaped beds

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation: This form of drip irrigation is the most water conservative method of watering any grass area.

Tree Bubblers: This form of irrigation puts the water down right on the base of a tree where it is needed most.

Pot Bubblers: This form of irrigation provides you with an alternative to having to water your hanging baskets and pots by hand.

Now that you have seen some of the irrigation options available to you, let H3O stop by and advise you on what would be the best irrigation solution for your landscape needs. For the best irrigation services in South Texas, let us lend you our expertise and help you create the best irrigation system possible! Call us today!

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