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San Antonio in Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Overly hot weather, lack of rain and landscaping are not friends when it comes to keeping things beautiful and alive. San Antonio has be moved up to Stage 2 water restrictions and we have a few tips to help you keep your landscaped yard beautiful during this dry spell.

Those with Drip Irrigation Systems can water 3-8am or 8-10pm any day. Drip irrigation systems can be installed to suit your landscaping needs and waste little to no water to evaporation or over watering. We highly recommend that you get a free quote to retro-fit your existing above ground sprinkler system to drip irrigation today!

Clients with above ground spraying systems have to follow the systematic schedule determined by the last digit of the street address and can only water between 3-8am and 8-10pm once a week.   Once we go into drought stage 3… Life is rough!!  Only one day every other week.  Your plants and grass will die!!

As the restrictions continue throughout South Texas please be aware that these rules will change if the stage is moved up. Please continue to check your local news and our blog for Water restriction updates.

If you think your water bill is extremely high and you feel you haven’t been water you lawn much, please give us a call and one of our technicians can speak to you about getting your system checked out and fixed. We all have been hit by the drought and here at H3O we want to make sure that your system is working properly and your money isn’t being wasted. Call us today!

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